Engraved Bricks

Brick and paver engraving to honor someone special is a great fundraiser for your school, church, team, or organization. These bricks or pavers can be placed to create a sidewalk, a wall, or even a prayer garden. Bricks and pavers come in many colors and styles. The process we use to engrave bricks is sandblasting. It is the preferred method over the laser process, as sandblasting allows us to engrave the brick deeper. We paint the engraved message with a paint widely used in the monument industry which offers a high quality performance for generations. Although we offer several color choices, through experience we have found black to give the best results. We also apply a special clear coat over the brick which protects the paint from UV rays.

Our pricing starts as-low-as $18 and can provide lots of options and ideas on how to approach fundraising efforts. Be sure to look at some of the examples above to see our wide range of projects that we do.